A sharpening stone is essential for anyone that carves or whittles with knives. A sharpening stone will keep your knife edge free from wear and tear as you carve away at the wood, preventing it from getting dull and frayed. Other methods to sharpen wood carving knives are using a file or a bench grinder.

How to Sharpen a Wood Carving Knife

STEP 1: You will need a sharpening stone or a grinding wheel, depending on how you want to sharpen your knife. Stones are natural rocks that have been exposed to heat and pressure, which creates the sharpening stone. A grinding wheel is an abrasive wheel attached to an electric motor used in metalworking.

STEP 2: Hold the knife upright in your hand. Place the tip of the knife on the wheel firmly but lightly. Turn your wrist back and forth slightly to make sure you are not grinding away any metal. If you are too rough, the blade might get bent or chipped at this point. 

On the other hand, you can work on the knife more cautiously when using a sharpening stone. Work your way along the length of the blade, moving towards the tip and creating a burr which is the small raised edge that will keep your knife sharp. If you don’t have a grinding wheel, then use some sandpaper to create this burr.

STEP 3: Keep the blade on the sharpening stone for about thirty seconds. You will notice that there will be a burr on the bottom of your knife. This is what gives your knife an edge. With the grinding wheel, you will notice that the burr comes up on top while spinning.

STEP 4: After sharpening, wipe the stone with a damp cloth to remove any extra metal. Use the knife immediately and it will be fine at this point.

Top Brands for Wood Carving Knives

1. I Spy
I Spy is a relatively new company with only 4 different carving sets to its name. However, these sets are well designed and reasonably priced, providing good value for money. I Spy offers only high-quality knives that are both easy to use and durable.

2. Hic
Hic is a great wood carving knife brand that is well-known for handcrafting its knives. They use German steel and mold disks to sharpen knives so you can get an extremely sharp blade. Also, they have a lifetime warranty.

3. Flexcut
Flexcut is one of the most popular brands, with over 250 carving sets to its name. Their carving sets are user-friendly, with great designs that are full of innovation. They are used by both professional and beginner carvers.

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Whether you plan on buying a carving set or a knife, we hope we have pointed you in the right direction and helped you find the perfect set for your needs. We hope our guide has helped you choose the best wood carving knife and sharpening stone for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a sharpened wood carving knife?
A. A sharpened wood carving knife will ensure that you cut the object smoothly to ensure even lines and a smooth surface. 

Q. What must I do with my wooden knife when it starts to get dull?
A. When the wooden knife gets dull, you should sharpen it up. However, do not raise the potential risk of chipping the blade. Instead, use a stone or file to fix this problem.

Q. What should I do if my wood carving knife has developed a crack?
A. If you notice that your wood carving knife has developed a crack, it is best to sharpen it and then store it away in a safe place as this could cause harm to you and others. If you want to continue using the wooden knife, make sure that the crack is not near the sharpened area of your blade.