Types of Knives

There are many different types of knives, each having its distinctive features. This article will briefly cover some of the more common types and their features, including throwing knives, stabbing knives, chefs’ knives, pocket knives, combat knives and kitchen cleavers, throwing knives.

Throwing Knives

Thrower knives are typically used for hunting or self-defence. This knife is designed with a long handle and a blade attached to the end of the handle, allowing it to be thrown at an opponent without fear of losing control. If the knife is thrown properly, it will not spin or fly off target, even if it hits the desired target with adequate force.

Stabbing Knives

A stabbing knife is generally larger than a thrower knife and can have several blades attached to it. It is used for combat in situations where a throwing knife may not penetrate armour, for example, in war circumstances. Stabbing knives are also designed to be used as a hand weapon.

Chefs’ Knives

A chef’s knife is designed to cut, chop and slice vegetables and fruits with ease. They are often made from stainless steel and aluminium. Some chef knives have multiple blades for more cutting options while cooking meats or vegetables.

Pocket Knives

A pocket knife is a folding blade or folding sheath knife that fits in your pocket for easy use. There are some pocket knives that include a small saw blade for cutting wood. These knives are designed to carry with you whenever you need them, and they can easily be stored in a pocket, purse or backpack.

Combat Knife or Military Knives

A combat knife is generally designed for military use, but some knives are also used for fighting, hunting and self-defense. Combat knives are typically heavy and less than three feet in length. They are generally double or triple-edged and include a sheath for storage or easy carrying. A combat knife can be used to disarm an opponent and can be used as a weapon in close quarters battle.

Boning Knives

A boning knife is a tool used to cut through bones. It can also be used to remove meat from the bone after it has been cooked, or it can be used for cutting meat. Boning knives are typically on the smaller side, making them easy to handle and carry with you.

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Different types of knives cater to different characteristics and qualities. However, they are similar in their purpose, i.e., cutting different types of edibles, raw meat or accessories. The chef’s knife is designed to cut through ingredients to result in evenly sliced pieces of food. On the other hand, a pocket knife is designed to cut paper, rope, etc., and the throwing knife is designed for hunting and self-defence.


Q: Which is the best knife to buy?

A: It depends on your needs. If you are looking for a knife to cut food, you would want a chef’s knife. If you are looking for something to cut paper, tin foil and rubber bands, or even leather, then go with the pocket knife.

Q: Can a knife be used as a melee weapon?

A: It depends on the knife and its design. Most common kitchen, utility and military-style knives are designed to cut rather than stab. However, all knives can be used as self-defence, only if you find yourself in a desperate situation.